Problem with Verizon SIM card

Hi, we have a custom embedded Linux board with the EM7455 module. The module can detect the AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards reliably, but not the Verizon SIM card. It would show was SIM not inserted when I check using the at+cpin? command.

The Sierra Wireless 5302357-2 eval kit does not have this problem.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Can we get the layout file and schematics for the Sierra Wireless eval kit to compare with our board?



Please check if you loaded correct FW for Verizon on the module. You can check the FW for each carrier here:

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Thank you.

Yes we have loaded the correct firmware on the module. We use this same module when testing on our board and on the Sierra wireless eval kit.

Hi, Please double check the SIM interface signals following page 28 on this document:

May we get the pcb layout file for the evaluation kit board?