MC7354 with carrier certification

The MC7354 is “certified” on both AT&T and Verizon, but I understand the device the modules are used in must also undergo their own ODI certification on each of these carrier. Recently, competing devices have appeared to offer “out of the box” carrier certification with no additional testing requirements.

Is there any plan (or are there alternate modules) that might be “plug and play” on these networks, and avoid the expensive and time-consuming carrier certification?

To reply to this post from the status of a Verizon approved laboratory for ODI devices, PTCRB laboratory and AT&T MBA partner laboratory.

The wording within you post of “appeared to offer” is critical, the importance of choosing a module from listings available from your intended carrier is paramount, both Verizon and AT&T have public listings of their certified modules which are available for integration.

Understanding the process for certification to major carriers is complex, the MC7354 has undertaken both Verizon and PTCRB/AT&T certification, and costs are associated with any certification. Time can be managed in preparation.

best regards
David Trevayne-Smith