CDMA modem


Dear all, I have question, does sierrawireless has modem with this requirement :

  • cdma 1x 450MHz.
  • has 1 serial port RS232.
  • Programmable with openAT



i think… SL3010T is one modem…

Really - four hundred and fifty MHz :question:

Googling “SL3010T” gives no hits at Sierra Wireless;

It does give this: … eries.html - but nothing there has the ‘T’ suffix…


Hi Awneil,

it does support Open AT application framework… i looked in PTS… it says … “Dual-band support for both the 800 MHz cellular and 1.9 GHz PCS bands”… ‘T’ means that it supports Open AT… what i found from PTS is that it has Support for IS-95A/B and CDMA 1X Release 0/A. Need to confirm this… will get back soon…