upcoming 3G products


My personal opinion is, that there is no need for Q26 Ultra at all. The data transfer speed is barely above the EDGE. What is needed in the near future is a HSPDA module. ( Let’s call it Q26 extreme… ) It looks like the 3G coverage is rapidly progressing in Europe and new EU regulations is coming to reduce the data roaming prices, so it will be a little unfortunate if Wavecom can’t provide a stable HSPDA platform with Open AT in about 2 years time.

I know there are rumours about the Q26 extreme, which took a completly different approach. What i understand from the little information we have, it’s going to be a Q2687 like module with an Icera HSPDA modem. I rather prefer the traditional approach, developing the Fastrack line from a compact WCPU family, like in case of the old Fastrack and the new Fastrack Supreme ( actually just creating a minimal board around the WCPU and putting in a solid case ) . It’s just my opinion, though.