Fastrack Supreme is going to be obsolete soon

the new module(xtend) will be fatter(longer,thicker,wider).
unfortuately we have put the supreme in the case. if we upgrade to xtend, we have to redesign the case and the PCB connected to the module.

do you guys face this problem?
if many customer have this problem and they may keep a big stock(from our distributor).

Transition from Fastrack Supreme to Fastrack Xtend will be done according to following

• Last Time Buy is 30/06/2010
• Last Time Shipment is 30/09/2010

Please note also the existing Fastrack Supreme kitting boxes will be updated with
Fastrack Xtend.

You can request samples of both Fastrack Xtend GPRS (FXT001) and Fastrack Xtend
EDGE (FXT002) now. Commercial availability of these two references is planned for
November 2009.

Fastrack Xtend GPRS (FXT001) and Fastrack Xtend (FXT002) are supported from the
Open AT® Software Suite 2.30

The references of each variant in Fastrack Xtend range are listed under.

Would a Fargo Maestro fit instead?

Or could you put an Integra (or whatever it’s called now) onto a carrier board?

Or even build your own Q26 board?