FXT001 Migration from Supreme

Hello all, our supreme modems just went out and we need to migrate to Xtend coz they phased out supreme. My questions are:

*is my current dwl files made for Supreme downloadable to Xtend?
*if not, where do I start?

Thanks. Im literally 3 hours into this wavecom thingy so as of the moment im clueless. Pls help :open_mouth:

Only if you have the same firmware versions in both.

Start by finding what firmware version(s) you have in your Supremes.

Then check if any of the APIs that you use have changed between the Supreme version(s) and the XTend version: if not, then a simple re-build should suffice; otherwise, you will need to update your application to the newer version…

So how do you come to have a load of old Supremes…?!

thanks for the reply awneil.

firstly, im an instrmentation engineer with little knowledge with open AT, and im new to my job. THe previous developer didnt leave any documentations so im left with zero.

As for the firmware turnaround, the supplier mentioned it is not possible to change XTEND to SUpreme. Even if i want to try, i cannot find the firmware anywhere.

anyways, I did try to recompile the old program that was left but it kept on asking me for different WIP header files (i was able to download from the net). Now im getting all WIP errors like wip_close and all. Am i missing something? or have I downloaded the wrong wip header files? :open_mouth:

Do you have any experience with embedded ‘C’ development?

I trust that you’ve made your management aware of this?

What do you mean by that? Do you mean he won’t exchange XTend units for Supreme units?

yeah sorry about that. what i meant was i cannot download supreme frmware to xtend.

I have basic knowledge re C programming, which is maybe the reason why they are asking me todo this. anyways, i started using the tutorial and it was quite helpful. sadly nothing about gprs.

anyways, thanks alot for the replies. i guess ill just have to work my ass off to finish this one on time. :smiley:

Again, if the Supreme and XTend have the same firmware version, you can download the same application into both Supreme and XTend.

“They” are probably being silly and short-sighted there!
If “They” want a software development job done, then “They” should really engage a proper software developer to do it! (or get you properly trained to do it).

Why do people assume that “anyone” can just “do software”?
Would “They” hire a software developer to do an Instrumentation job?

If “they” want you to do this, then “they” should be budgeting (both time & money) to get you up to speed with it - you shouldn’t have to bust a gut over it!

If they can’t/won’t hire a permanent employee, your Distributor should be able to recommend a consultant to help you - they may even offer it as a service…

hello awneil. thanks for your concern.

anyways, I somehow managed to make it work. I used the same old code, and used sierra developer studio. :unamused:

At first I had so many problems with the code cos it doesnt recognize the functions (WIP) on the code. So i tried to make some changes on the settings (WIP related), and it just worked! \

doesn’t sound like a firm foundation for a good, solid system…



I have the same problem you had, can you specify your packages version, and configuration of your project? I’m trying to migrate my own code and it’s becoming all of a headhache.