Problem migrating Supreme 10 from 6.63c to R74 via XMODEM

Hello all!

I have a problem trying to upgrade the following modem to R74:

B63s00gg.Q2687H 0026016CAE5DC7FF
663c00gg.FSU001 1961896 122407 14:45

I use R74_00_full_fsu001.dwl. When the file is downloaded, AT+CFUN=1
command is given. After that, the modem stays numb and no longer accepts
AT commands.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?


It’s my understanding that you CAN’T upgrade from R6.xx to R7.xx firmware using the normal XModem process as the Bootloader (amongst others) has changed.

Have a look at the release notes for the R7.0 firmware for instructions on upgrading from R6 to R7…or simply use DWLWin.

ciao, Dave

Use dwlwin first. Reflash your module with any R7.xx firmware and then you can upgrade it to any of R7.xx firmware family with XModem. Eg I reflash my modules with R7.2 and then upgrade 'em with R7.4 which I have only in XModem binaries.