No connection using Airlink FXT009

Hello folks,

I am a newbie with this modem. Is a great piece, and I have 4 running up to now. I use it to m2m, in order to receive data collected remotelly in 4 sites. That would be 20 quickly, but we shall understand it better before.

In 2 of them, we just have it working nicely out of box, simply removed from the box and seted up via our data logger (an Ammonit 40M), and it works nicelly, connecting 3 times a day and sending all data wished.

Strangely, 2 of them are not OK. It was configured in the exactly same way of the other 2, that are ok, but these two have some problems about keep the signal strong and connect. When we remove the power supply, ans re-insert, it it shows signal in 41% (even using an external anten) and later logger displays 15%, and finally ¨unknow¨.

It send some data in the first try, and maybe some hours later too. But in the second day, no connection, no data collected. All these modems are in remote locations (no easy access), and I am a newbie, as I said, so, I did not connected in these modems via terminal, and did not run any AT command to make checks.

Anybody may understand what can be ocurring?

Strange that 2 works gracefully out of box, and 2 not.

Thanks by taking care.


You mean this: … ata-logger

If the system has been designed to your requirements, then you need to contact AMMONIT for questions about their implementation!

Presumably, this is just using the FXT009 as a dumb modem?

Do they claim to support the FXT009? Are there any specific setup requirements to work with an FXT009?

Have you tried other modems?


thanks by continue taking care. :slight_smile:

No, they are not customized ammonit systems.
We use a default 40M ammonit datalogger.

We use the modems simply to connect over GSM, and logger send the data. May you call it as a dumb modem, because, it really dont take any action by itself.

Here we have the image of my box:

thank you.


I noted an interesting thing. (3 steps)

  1. When I just insert the GSM chip in the modem, it still with red light permanently on. (not registered on the network).
  2. If i remove the GSM chip, insert on a third part modem (teste in a ZTE MF710), making a connection in windows, it works.
  3. So I remove the GSM chip from ZTE and re-insert in our sierra modem, and TADA, it register on the network…

So its is strange to me, anybody have any information?


something getting “blacklisted” in the network :question:


I use the modem with default manufacturer values.
What can be blacklisted in default behavior?

I am trying to connect to modem in Win7 64bit, however no driver installed seems to work fine.

Canot make a simple dial up connection, and also canot connect to test with at commands.

Already tested all files available in Site Support Area.

Do you have any idea?

That just takes me to

However, forum uploads should now be working again:


I am trying to use one piece of this modem in my desktop station window 7 64bit, in order to check firmware version, maybe upgrade it. Make some tests, etc.

Today I will go to a site that is completely offline more than 30 days. We are collecting data manually. :confused:


  1. Now I can see the modem in the windows device manager, and devices.

  2. Also am able to run windows diagnostics, but I canot understand the m2mstudio interface.
    Where do I shall be enabled to send the AT Commands?

  3. I found a doc explaining how to upgrade the firmware with HyperTerminal. But I also canot send the commands to the modem propoerly. If I am right, the current modem version (extracted from the slide 4 attached) is…

Creating a Dial-Up connection, it dont connects. Frezze while calling the GSM code number (*99#).

Ideas? Many thanks by your attencion on this case.