No connection using Airlink FXT009

Hello folks,

I am a newbie with this modem. Is a great piece, and I have 4 running up to now. I use it to m2m, in order to receive data collected remotelly in 4 sites. That would be 20 quickly, but we shall understand it better before.

In 2 of them, we just have it working nicely out of box, simply removed from the box and seted up via our data logger (an Ammonit 40M), and it works nicelly, connecting 3 times a day and sending all data wished.

Strangely, 2 of them are not OK. It was configured in the exactly same way of the other 2, that are ok, but these two have some problems about keep the signal strong and connect. When we remove the power supply, ans re-insert, it it shows signal in 41% (even using an external anten) and later logger displays 15%, and finally ¨unknow¨.

It send some data in the first try, and maybe some hours later too. But in the second day, no connection, no data collected. All these modems are in remote locations (no easy access), and I am a newbie, as I said, so, I did not connected in these modems via terminal, and did not run any AT command to make checks.

Anybody may understand what can be ocurring?

Strange that 2 works gracefully out of box, and 2 not.

I attach 2 images about the modem and the type of setup I have.

Thanks by taking care.



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Note that the modem itself has no control whatsoever over signal strength - so there is nothing that it can do to “keep the signal strong”.

So an important part of your installation process needs to be to consider the signal conditions at the site.

What shows that :question:

So the question is:

Obviously, if there is no signal, the modem cannot send anything. And, If the signal is poor, the modem will have difficulty sending.

Thus it is important that your application has an effective strategy for retries & recovery.

Not strange if the 2 that work are in “easy” locations, and the 2 that don’t are in “challenging” locations…

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Thanks by your answers.

About the signal. The 2 that are not sending the data are located in better signal conditions. One of them is only 20km of a big city and any cell phone work very fine at its side. With full signal.

We see the signal power in our datalogger as described before. An Ammonit 40m. That try to connect and send its data.

The other one was not instaled on the remote site. But presents the same problem. Even inside the city. In great signal conditions.

Note that connecting the external anten makes not any effect. Because that may i think its needed some fine tunning on modem setup.

Thanks once more. This my first post here and i am geting more confortable step by step.


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