What X-Cards are available for GX400 & GX440 expansion slots

Both GX devices have an expansion card slot, which will greatly increase the versatility of the platform. As of AUG 2012 Sierra Wireless has a WiFi XCard that will enables a WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) hotspot (access point) and support WiFi client mode. In late 2012 into early 2013 we are targeting the release of 2 additional X-Cards to support additional Ethernet Ports and expanded I/O (inputs and outputs).

Hi ,

We have a GX400 with one of the WIFI X-Cards connected, Device starts up and runs well. Only question i have the unit did not come from the factory environment, The Wifi card was a later purchase. How do we setup the unit to see and use the wifi X-card?


Wifi X-Card installation should only be performed by authorized installers so unless you are one of them I recommend you contact your reseller and raise this item to them.

An Authorized Installer should have in hand the Installation Procedure approved by Sierra Wireless


Hi Gillo,

Yes we are , i have raised the ticket in the CRM and awaiting a Answer.

Thanks for the feedback.