GX400, X-Card Ethernet, Switch/Hub functionality

Dear all,

I bought a brandnew GX400 with additional 2 Ethernet ports.

When I connect devices to the ethernet ports, these devices dont “see” each other, so ping fails.
Connection to the GX400 device itself works (GX400 is standard gateway to all connected devices) and WAN connection is also working, but in betwenn the local LAN ping fails.

All devices have static IP adresses in the same segment and I am using private LAN adresses.

I wonder if the GX400 provides switch / hub functionality at all.
If YES: what parameter must I use to enable this function?
If NO: please tell me. In this case I will use an external switching box.

Thank you in advance for your advice,

GX44 can do DHCP out of the box, so attaching a switch would work. It is recommend not use a hub.


Dear Rex_alex,

thank you for the reply.

In the meantime I connected a switch to the GX400 and it works well.

But that configuration (by adding a switch) was not what I wanted: I believed that the GX400 itself should be able to connect the different devices being connected to the LAN interfaces (which did not hold true).

Greetings, Christoph