GX400 VPN Keepalive issue


Has anyone had an issue with Local LAN to Remote LAN communications on a GX400 VPN setup?

My VPN status will show connected but my remote LAN cannot access the Local LAN unless I ping the Remote LAN from the “Admin” page on the GX400.

Essentially I have to create Local LAN to Remote LAN traffic in order for the Remote LAN to then be able to access the Local LAN. This works but after some time I lose the traffic flow again(even though the VPN stays up) and have to manually go into the Gx400 and ping the Remote LAN to get traffic flowing again.

Thoughts or experiences?



Try this configuration:
from the Wan/Cellular tab(at top) - Keep Alive ->
Keepalive IP Address
The IP address that the AirLink gateway pings to determine if there is Internet connectivity and to
make sure the IP address is accessible.
Enter the IP address or fully qualified domain name for the AirLink gateway to ping to keep itself alive
(online). Options are:
• IP address
• Domain name
(page 70 of instruction guide)



Maybe you can help me