GX 440 connection issue


I am having trouble connecting to the Ethernet port of the GX 440.

I had 4 devices provisioned by Verizon at the same time, 3 of the devices I could log into right away and configure without issues. The last device however does not allow me to log into.

When I power the device up I can successfully ping it for a few seconds and then it tells me “Destination host unreachable”

I do have a sim card in place and the device is provisioned with Verizon, I cannot access the login screen or ping the device (Other than the first few seconds).

I have taken the sim card out and put it into another router with similar results.

What else can I try to get this going?

are you locally connected to the GX440 and pinging the local IP address

Yes, when the device is first powered up, I am connected locally. My PC IP address is When the device first powers up I can successfully ping, after about 10 successful pings it gives the message “destination host unreachable”.


Trying changing your laptop IP to, I believe the factory configuration of the GX400 only allows IPs from to, maybe its the same case with your GX440?