Absolute beginner:What to read? any example code/program?

Sorry,I’ve posted this on Open At-Overview section but no reply. I post this again here because my problem is quite general but it does involve Fastrack Supreme 20 and IESM Board. Kindly warn/msg me if should I break the rules here but don’t banned me!

[size=120]Hi all,

Straight to the point, I’m a student, doing a project for my university. I’ve decided to choose the Fastrack Supreme 20 and IESM board with Wireless M-Bus for my project. I have not ordered the product yet because that has to be done by my professor but I think the ordering will be next week. So in between time (could be 2-3 weeks) I decided to go through the documents available and maybe try/have a look at the code of the example project (if any).

My problems: I’m totally lost in this forum because I don’t know what I should be looking for (and in which section) for a beginner like me, and someone said the search function is not exactly helping (which is true!).

My background: I have no knowledge on GSM/GPRS-related stuff and other advance thing. I only know how to program in C and currently learning basic SQL (MySQL).

My objective/assumption for the project: To look at the code (C/C++), learn the function available, and apply/change it so it can receive the data from the GSM/GPRS network and then save them in my computer (to be exact save it in MySQL Server).[/size]

Can somebody guide/help me? I tried to follow some of the responses but end up jumping from topic to topic (such as SMS and stuff) that maybe unnecessary. Do I have to wait for the product to come and hopefully there’s guide there? I don’t want to waste my time. :frowning: :frowning:

Download the Open AT IDE and the M2M studio. When you have the and try to create a new project it would ask you, if you want an example to be load.
That easy!!! :smiley:
When you start to work more questions would arise. Ask again.

finally someone has replied! thank you!

Actually that’s the first thing I did. I downloaded the Open AT - M2M Studio, since that’s the only software available on the site (right?) and tried to look for example projects but there’s none. This may sound rude but shouldn’t Wavecom provides example projects/guides? Somehow it’s weird because the website looks organized but I’m lost.

I’m reading application note “Using FCM flow in an Open AT Application” but I seriously don’t know if that’s right because it’s already for Advanced level.

No, it’s not that easy. :frowning:
That will just bamboozle a complete novice with unfamiliar terms & concepts. :frowning:
(it was bad enough just coming to M2MStudio with prior Wavecom & Open-AT experience!)

It really needs a basic, introductory tutorial that explains the concepts to you, outlines the tools, and then walks you through the process of creating a simple project, building it, downloading it, and running it.

All that used to be available in the documents described here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2250&p=11923&hilit=getting+started#p11923

Unfortunately, those documents no longer seem to be available with M2MStudio, and no equivalent has been provided, AKAIK. :angry:
See: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3437

So it might be easier to start with one of the older SDKs, use these documents to get the basic ideas, then move on to M2MStudio… :question:

The best idea would be to speak to your Distributor and get them to come in and give a demonstration. That’s what they’re there for!

Not exactly.

If you look carefully in the top right corner of the pane with the downloads in - immediately beneath the ‘Downloads’ tab - there is an ‘Archives’ link. In there, you can find older versions (non-M2MStudio).

There are plenty - if you know where to look!

If you look in the folder where you installed Open-AT, you should have some thing like:


Each of the sample folders contains an HTML document that briefly (very!) describes the example.

When you create a new project, it will ask if you want to use one of the supplied examples.

They do provide the samples, but they haven’t seen fit to provide guides applicable to M2MStudio. :angry:

I think the “organisation” i[/i] is bizarre!

I think you’re right there.

I would stronly recommend that you get in touch with your Wavecom Distributor and ask them to come in and give you a demo.

When you create a new project, using the wizard, you must import the firmware/libraries in one of the steps (a small link under a very big empty blank space). When you have imported the firmware (include WIP plugin on your application), some examples would be available

Exactly - and how is the total novice supposed to understand that?!

Thank you awneil for your help. I’ve downloaded the Open AT SDK v4.29 under Archives. I never knew it is there the whole time!(such a small link, this ‘Archives’,don’t you think?..i barely see it). At first I can only see Open AT Software Suite and it only installed M2M Studio. Now everything is a bit clearer,i can explore the examples program and read the documentation.

It’s difficult without the hardware from Wavecom itself (because I’m in the process of ordering and need approval from my Prof. first…boy this would take weeks!); i can’t really simulate/run it but at least I can try to understand the code…hopefully :slight_smile:

Thanks also fer.caballero for your information. But right now I try to stay away from M2M Studio…it’s really not for beginners,IMO.

I hope you guys can help me in the future in case i have problem. I’ve contacted the distributor here but only for the Price Quote. I will definitely need the help from the distributor. ( sometimes i felt a bit uneasy to ask them since German is not my language and to paraphrase my questions in the language is a bit hard …well forget it,that’s my problem, not really a big problem. :slight_smile: )

Awneil: If you want to continue participating in forums try to be polite. All people make mistakes or forget things, you also do.
There are a lot of ways of saying the same, some are polite and some don’t. For example: don’t quote every thing. Just give answers as all the others do. Is not a good way of sharing a comunity trying to ridiculize your partners.

fer.caballero: You are being over-sensitive!
That was not a criticism of you!

My point is that Wavecom’s documentation of M2MStudio - particularly for the complete novice - is poor.

I was merely saying that your post goes to prove that point!

guys,guys…please don’t fight because of my thread. From my browsing, I’ve seen that both of you contributed quite a lot to this forum.This is just a misunderstanding.

@awneil: Thank you. You always give a very thorough answers,almost like a guide to us and I like how you quote and go through the question part by part,you also provides links when necessary. It’s easy to follow, I like it.
But maybe next time you could read your response first before you submit because different people might interpret different things and meaning (placing of exclamation,question mark,etc…) maybe you didn’t mean that but others might. i.e like fer.caballero, I also sense the tone to your last 2 response is a bit angry but when I read your response today, you actually mean it to Wavecom, so it’s a misunderstanding.

@fer.caballero: I have to disagree. I like how he/she always quote the questions. It’s easy to follow. Please don’t be angry to awneil as this is just a misunderstanding. Like you, I also interpret the response as a bit rude but if you also reply in an angry tone to him/her, it doesn’t make thing any better.

Hello everyone:

I got my Fastrack Supreme module.

I downloaded and intalled M2M studio, I look through the examples and created my first application. I build my application and I am ready to download it to the module, the problem is that I havent found a document were the process of downloading and running applications is explained.

I know how to download the dwl file on the module. What I would like to know is:

How to run your application on the module?
How to stop your application?
What to do if your application gets on an infinite loop?
What to do if you application freezes your module?
How to delete your application from the module ?
and anything else that could help me in this step.

I havent found the “Tools Manual for Open AT” on the site, I read a reference to this document in an older awneil´s post. Which other document should I see? Im a noob on this and I need some directions.

I don’t know the exact document, but:

Read about AT+WOPEN command.

You will probably have to reflash the entire module.

If the watchdog won’t reset the module - it will be over - you will have to reset module manually. Also there is a possibility of freezing GSM and watchdog does not recognize it. :slight_smile: Ah, and I forgot, the RESET pin does not always makes its work - power cycling the entire device is more robust.

Thank you for the Help. I will keep working and post again if I get more doubts.