Hi. I am a very beginner in Open AT, M2M, etc etc. There is a couple of things that I would like to do on Fastrack Supreme, but I want to learn how to do this instead of getting it done.
Any of you can provide a training from very beginning for me? Any ideas of cost? I’ve got a very basic experience in programming, and Ibasic knowledge of networking and GSM. I am based in UK, West Midlands.

What kind of training did you have in mind - a taught class? a hands-on mentor? something else?

What is your budget?

I wouldn’t be able to do anything before August…

To be honest with you :slight_smile:
The best option for me would be if you could buid a project that I need ( simple version ) with me seeking for explanation.
Siting along with you and listening. Asking when it is needed. What I would need is to know how and which part of the code I will need to modify in the future to get what I want.
About the budget.
I think that the best option would be if we agree for a price for 1 hour of your time. If this training is benefitial for me, we can continue this training until everything I need is done.
I am sure it could be extended later on if I’ve got any problems.

I will prepare a plan with description what I need to build and learn if you’re still interested. Think about the price of your time and send me privately.

As you already know, I am not a native English speaker. We should be fine :slight_smile:.

What I need is:
First part

  1. Communication with third party device through UART1.
  2. Running a web server through UART2 ( can be PPP connecting ) serving history files and configuration settings.
  3. Running a same webserver through GPRS.
  4. Sending an email with history file to predefined email address using GMAIL.

Second Part:
2. Controlling binary outputs through web interface or SMS
3. Checking binary inputs
4. Configuring and checkin analog inputs.

Third Part

  1. Controlling GPS data

All hardware needed will be provided.


when do you need it?

As soon as possible but no particular date. Nothing chases me :slight_smile: