Next Course / Opinions

I don’t know exactly what the courses are about so I would like more information about:

  1. List of courses (date and place)
  2. Course agenda (on each course)
  3. Pricing

And if there are developers that has been on such Wavecom training, I would also appreciate some opinion about the courses.

Thanks in advance


Hello Snooze,

I just attended the OAT developer training course in Paris a few weeks ago, and I came away with a lot of good knowledge. It was 5 days long and the overview of what was covered is listed below:

Day1 - Open AT® Framework and Open AT® Features, AT Commands, Timers
Day2 - Flash, A&D, GPRS and Call Related API’s
Day3 - Flow Control Manager, BUS and Safe Mode Services
Day4 - GPIO related API’s. Introduction to TCP/IP and ED Soft
Day5 - ED (TCP/IP) library features - Dialing, TCP/UDP sockets and FTP services

The curriculum could change, but the topics above are what we covered. Each day was centered on lectures and programming exercises. We did between 1 and 3 exercises each day, depending on the topics. All programming exercises were done on Wavecom development boards using a live network so you could actually see your application work. The guy who taught the course was very knowledgeable not only about the Wavecom stuff, but also about the tools and C in general.

Some topics I thought would be difficult were made easy, while others were tricky. It was good to be introduced to all of the features—even the ones I’ve never used—because you never know when you’ll need them. I picked up some tips from the other attendees as well. If you already have experience developing commercial products using OAT, some of this course may be basic for you. But if you are just starting with OAT, like I was, the course is a great jump-start.

I believe there are training sessions coming up in Paris and San Diego, CA before the end of the year, but you should talk to your WVCM contact to get exact dates and pricing.


I also attended the training course.
And it was very good.
I knew some Basic.
But now ADL is much easier.
The Lecturer really knew his stuff and could answer any question quickly.
I think it could be helpful for advanced users as well.
There are sometimes many ways of doing the same thing and
The advanced users may learn a quicker or better way to do something.
I would recommend it to all OpenAt users.

So it seems like Wavecom only got one type of course, the OAT developer training course ?

Anyone know if they also have other courses where they focus on different parts of the OAT development?

(My next request is not pure Open AT but I include it anyway :confused: )
Maybe they also have courses that covers some pieces of network technology (gsm/gprs/edge/3G) combined with the technology they provide (the modules)?

I know that Wavecom got the knowledge and I’m sure that there are many developers out there that wants to have more information about how they can use the Wavecom technology in the best way and how to optimize their applications towards the Core Software and the network in general.

It should be important for Wavecom to provide the necessary education and/or information flow, that the developers working with their technology, can learn more so they can build even better/smarter/more robust applications.

Because, in the end, its the final application that compeets on the world market against other application based on technoly manufactured by others than Wavecom.

Yeah, I already know some comments to this…

…and yes, I’ll do that also but I want to hear other developers opinion about this. Or is it just me that wants to learn more…


I use a CMU200 GSM tester from Rohde & Schwarz.
I got some training on the different Network Technologies from them.
Try there website
maybe they have some training docs posted on the website.

You’re a lucky developer :smiley:
I could have use for one myself but the thing is that they are quite expensive so I think I have to wait some time before I can order equipment like that.

For the price of such equipment, I’m not surprised they also offer educational contents. :wink:

It looks like they have some courses, but I’m not sure its for the public, maybe its only for those that buy stuff…

I could not find any docs with good contents.


Hi All,
The two type of courses available are:

  1. Structured Open-AT course: - This course covers the introductory part for Open-AT.
  2. Developer Open-AT course: - This course covers the advanced Open-AT topics and is meant especially for developers.


Wavecom has had numerous requests for this forum and more recently the professional training (and yes, the trainer really does know hos stuff!) because there’s no one else providing it, obviously :open_mouth:

As far as the discussion surrounding core network technolgies goes, Wavecom does of course have the knowledge but these chaps are developing products and we shouldn’t distract them :wink:

There are numerous companies providing courses on cellular technologies such as Wray Castle in the UK, Apis of Sweden and etc. to name just a few and Wavecom really believes they should focus on offering what isn’t already available.

Open AT is first focus and you’ve also mentioned in other parts of the forum why the forum is Open AT Software only today. There are devious plans to address this… more news in due course (pardon the pun).

Quite a bit of info here, including dates, content etc:

Hmm - only 3 locations (Paris, San Diego, Hong Kong) :frowning:

Any chance of a course in England?

The acquisition of Sony-Ericsson’s M2M business should give some resources in England, shouldn’t it…? :wink:

Hi awneil,

For the time being, there are no training sessions planned in the UK. Upcoming training sessions will be announced on the Events page of the Wavecom web site.


last year (2005) i attended 5-days Open AT training program in INDIA. I got a new working platform.


iam Kiran,new to OpenAT can you guide me for “Certified Developer”

thanks in advance

Kiran Kumar D

Hello all!

Can anybody say something about hotels or where it is better to live in Paris on the time of courses from 16.02 till 24.02? And the cost.

I think the closest from the venue as the venue is Rue de Rivoli!! very close to BHV (for gifts for your wife)… very close tot he the Louvre Museum, Quartier Latin, Place de la concorde , place de la madeleine, and all sorts of nice things you can do in Paris…

I advice to put some tutorial OpenAT courses on web as other companies do. Its almost dificult to have courses in each country. Mean time time is passing and you are loosing customers becaues on other producers representatives gives better technical support in their country

Warm Regards
Haim Rodrik

Ciao we post from Italy. Can you tell to us when the next course(about Q2687) in Paris begin?