Beginner - where to start


Hey guys,

I’m a computer programmer working a project with a Fastrack Xtend. I already have some code for the device that I need to learn and understand (it’s an application programmed by somebody else that I’m looking to take over).

I’m fine with programming - I’m a final year computer science student so I’m fine with the software side of things. However, apart from some experience in iPhone application programming, I’ve never programmed anything at the hardware level. With that said, I’m quite comfortable in programming in C.

Basically, I’m looking for some resources to get me up and running and understanding Open AT. I have M2M, Expresso and all that installed. Any tips in the right direction will be appreciated.



Also, this is probably going to sound really stupid, but where can I download the code samples from? In the M2M help, it references a variety of sample projects that I think would help me out greatly, but there’s no download link to them. Are they installed on my computer by default? If so, where can I locate them?



All the code examples are installed on your PC when you install the M2M Studio package (or whatever it’s called this week).

However, the raw code is buried DEEP down below the plugin directory - you could seach for a directory called ‘samples’ and see what you find. Apparently you can get to the examples through the help system, or by simply creating a whole pile of new projects and basing each one on a different set of sample code. Messy, but that’s the way Wavecom have done it lately - and there’s a bit of comment on the forum about why it’s wrong!

Have a chat to your distributor - I know that mine here in Oz has a very nice 1 day introduction to programming OpenAT course that they run. Maybe your distributor/FAE can drop around and get you up to speed on programming OpenAT.

ciao, Dave