Getting Started

Hi, the two Open AT videos for installation and hello world are unreadable. The tutorial is 500 pages. Can anyone suggest another resource for learning to program OpenAT in C?

Go on a course?

Get someone to come and teach you?

Ask your Distributor/FAE for help?

Hi stevemorgan,

I’m able to view them, could you please detail what’s wrong ? eventually, check below link:

Note that if you’re not logged in the Developer Zone, the video can’t be played.

I can see that there is a movie, but the type is very small, basically unreadable. I cannot expand the movie to a full page, but I suspect that even if I were able to expand it the low resolution would still prevent me from reading it. Basically: too small and pixelated to be readable. Does that answer your question? Is this material available anywhere else?

Yes, bringing in a trainer or attending a course would be a way to learn, but it appears that Sierra hopes to make that unnecessary with the availability of online tutorials, examples, “Hello World” etc. My suggestion would be to either publish a full fledged developer support site containing all of the materials needed to develop Open AT applications, or simply state that you need to attend a course to develop for these products. To create a site that appears to contain all of the needed materials, but on closer inspection is missing key pieces, seems designed only to frustrate the potential developer. I am sorry to be critical, but really SiWi, get it together!

One important resource that just about every poster here seems to ignore is the local technical Distributor.

When selecting any compex, high-tech component like this - whether it’s a microcontroller, ASIC, GSM device, or whatever - a really important part of the selection process should always be to ensure that you’ll get adequate support.

A good technical Distributor (not just a box-shifter) will have manufacturer-trained support staff, and direct access to the manufacturer.

The help of my local Distributor was invaluable in getting me started.

Perhaps Wavecom latterly, and then SiWi, let the distributor network slip - maybe this is something that needs to be addressed…?

Hmm… so it is.

Hmm… so you can’t.

However, if you right-click the video, you can choose ‘Copy video URL’.

This is the YouTube URL: … XCa0vM41Jk

It’s not great, but I can make it out.

However, there’s no narration - no explanation of what’s going on!


Definitely, “Could Try Harder”.


Effectively, for some reason the button to read the video in screen size is not enable. I will report this to address the change.
Anyway, you can workaround this by selecting viewing the video in Youtube, then you could benefit of the full screen video. A bit pixelated as you say, but seems good enough for me to see what i need.


Yes, I was able to read the text on the video when I viewed from YouTube and expended the screen. Thank you.