Open AT Training is now evolving to Video tutorial

Open AT Training is now evolving to Video tutorial

Several videos have been just posted on the Developer Zone, many others are coming.
Just search for “video tutorial” to get them.

Each videos address a specific instructive content related to Open AT in less than 15 minutes, easing access to a particular topic for a quick understanding.
Current plan is to cover the Open AT Learning Center agenda.

Ideas for next subject are welcome !


Hi ,
I can’t play the tutorial video online at my side. Could you help to provide the download link of the video files if possible?

Hi jfoop,

Double check that you are properly registered on the Developer Zone to access them.
Content access is restricted to registered people.

Kind regards,

Hi Christophe,
Yes. I am registered in develop zone. The cause that I can’t play the video should be that the can’t be accessed in our country. Is any solution for that? Thanks,