Absolute beginner:What to read,any example code/program?

[size=120]Hi all,

Straight to the point, I’m a student, doing a project for my university. I’ve decided to choose the Fastrack Supreme 20 and IESM board with Wireless M-Bus for my project. I have not ordered the product yet because that has to be done by my professor but I think the ordering will be next week. So in between time (could be 2-3 weeks) I decided to go through the documents available and maybe try/have a look at the code of the example project (if any).

My problems: I’m totally lost in this forum because I don’t know what I should be looking for (and in which section) for a beginner like me, and someone said the search function is not exactly helping (which is true!).

My background: I have no knowledge on GSM/GPRS-related stuff and other advance thing. I only know how to program in C and currently learning basic SQL (MySQL).

My objective/assumption for the project: To look at the code (hopefully in C/C++), learn the function available, and apply/change it so it can receive the data from the GSM/GPRS network and then save them in my computer (to be exact save it in MySQL Server).[/size]

Can somebody guide/help me? I tried to follow some of the responses but end up jumping from topic to topic that maybe unnecessary. Do I have to wait for the product to come and hopefully there’s guide there? I don’t want to waste my time. :frowning: :frowning: