Fastrack Xtend fxt003


I have a FXT003 modem without SDK or any documents. I checked for this, but nothing to see.
anyone help me about document and SDK of FXT003.

Thank you!



What does the ATI3 command return?



I have a Fastrack Xtend fxt003 without any document.
when I type command ATI3, I get the response:
R7.42.0.201003051048.FXT003 1586084 030510 10:48
My goal is to use this modem to connect to a website,“”, via 3G (not GPRS or EDGE) but I don’t know how to do this.
I got a 3G sim already. (its APN is “v-hanel” )
Could somebody help me to use AT command to do this or tell me which document I should read ?