Can not find the mode and parameter

Hi everyone,

I am really new to this modem. Now I have a modem at hand. It is called ‘fastrack xtend’. It is Airlink programmable gateway. So I was wondering how can I find the type of this modem and also the mode and the parameter of this modem.

I think it is FXT009, right? Just a guess based on datasheet description.

By saying the mode and the parameter, I mean if it is ‘GSM’ or ‘GPRS’ or whatever. I think I am using a SIM card now, the carrier is AT&T. Other than that, I have no idea. The parameter means the TX band and ‘PCL19’, which I have no idea about that.

If anyone can illustrate more on those things, I will be really appreciated that!

Thanks so much.

There are several variants of Fastrack Xtend, e.g. FXT009 (GPRS/EDGE), FXT100 (HSPA), etc…
It should be indicated on the back of the hardware along with the serial number.

So depends, if it is FXT009, please refer to below doc, table 31 for info (or table 33 for FXT100).

Hope it helps.

Thank you so much.

I do have a serial number. But that number makes no sense to me. And I can not google anything from that number.

Here I just suppose this is a FXT009. However my problems are I can not tell whether it is ‘GSM’ or ‘GPRS’ or ‘EGPRS’ or whatever, nor can I tell whether it is ‘PCL 0’ or ‘PCL 5’ or ‘PCL 15’. That’s my main issue. If I can know that, based on the doc you gave to me, I can figure out the power consumption in table 67.

Thank you so much and look forward to your answer!

So how & where did you obtain this item :question:

from my boss

Do you have access to the modem?
e.g. via UART or USB connection?

if yes, you can try sending AT command “ATI3” to query the identification.

For info, if it is FXT009, it supports all you mentioned GSM/GPRS/EGPRS.


So why don’t you ask him/her, then?