I write to ask one thing that perhaps can be simple …

I have a Q24CL002 that use as an external processor using AT commands everything works well in the Europe
If, for example, the product is used in Brazil working?
The change of band is automatic?
Thanks in advance


I am afraid but your question is not clear. Can you elaborate?

This depends on the GSM band selected by the Wavecom modem. Check for the command AT+WMBS and AT+CGMM in AT command reference guide. For example, if the band selected is 4 (AT+WMBS=4) i.e. dual band mode 850/1900 MHz, then it would automatically camp on to the Brazil network (Brazil uses GSM850 band, if I am not wrong :slight_smile: ).

I hope this answers your question.


thanks you I have resolved ! :smiley: