I Have a Q24PL001 Module. I am trying to use this moule on Cingular network but it does not register on the system. AT+CPWC command gives ERROR. Is there a way to know the bands and their strength.

All Q24P are Quad band by default, correct?

Does one have to activate a specific band on a module?

AT+CSQ gives +CSQ: 99, 99 OK

Any help will be appreciated.


What command is “at+cpwc” ?

Provided that your antenna is correct, yes you do have to specify the correct bands with the network to be used. Although you should have them supplied with the right configuration already set for your network.

If you know the bands or band ( if using only GMS or only GMS/GPRS data ) then look-up and use the at+wmbs command to select it.

You should be able to tell your are good to go when you can attach (at+cgatt=1) whether your sim is data or voice or both enabled or not.


“at+cpwc” command is used to set the preferred MT power class for each GSM frequency band supported. Test command returns supported bands and their power classes. It is listed in 3GPP TS 27.007 V7.1.0 (2006-06) technical specs.

I am not familiar with AT+WMBS. Where did you find this command?


Oh, so the at+cpwc is not a wavecom supported at command because I could nnot find it in the “AT Command Interface Guide”, which incidentally has the at+wmbs command documented. You should be able to find that document in the firmware directory of your Open AT installation.