2G (GPRS) Shutdown in US

I’m using the GL6100 for voice communications and am wondering what other folks using this device are planning for when the 2G networks are shut down? To my knowledge AT&T and T-Mobile are both converting their 2G networks to higher speeds over the next year or two which will leave no 2G networks available. AT&T is already telling me that the device is not compatible with their network and won’t sell a SIM card for it. Is there a different device that would be compatible with my GL6100 code?

How about the FX100 :question:

sierrawireless.com/productsa … eries.aspx

The GL series use the WMP100 - but the thing with Open-AT is that it substantially isolates you from hardware specifics.

Maestro also make 3G modems based on SiWi modules with Open-AT:


They may be shooting themselves in their feet:

forbes.com/sites/robertvamos … uture-tech

The FX100 might just work. I looked at the FX series webpage and it only says EDGE so I didn’t look any further. I’ll have to take a closer look at that one. Thanks.