Is GL7611/GL7605 available in Poland?

There are include some LTE bands, but I wonder if they are europe certified.

do you mean GCF?
you can see here:,-d-,3/#sthash.6IQam90U.dpbs

I know, but GL7611 built-in WP7611 right?
But WP7611 is only North America certified…

So, I was curious whether the finished product (GL7611) had been separately certified for use and certification by GCF or Europe.

there is chance to be GCF certified.
Have you checked with Sales team?

What you mean is that we should suggest to Semtech to get GL7611 GCF certified?

i saw this:

You can double confirm with the Sales team,right?

Thanks a lot every time.
i will check Semtech Korea, but they still have limited understanding of LTE modules, so it would be much more helpful for me ask questions here.

ok, but it is better to check with the official approach with Sales team

I know exactly, but when I make an inquiry like this, it takes a very long time to receive a response.
anyway thank you very much help me.