Inquiry of Europe product by Gateway product

Currently, Semtech only the GL7611 (North America) / GL7605 (Japan) / GL7812 (LPWA) models are being mass produced.

What products do I need to use in Europe by IoT Gateway product?
(existing Europe model, GL7600 is EOL now…)

does this help? (e.g. GL7812 /FX series)

actually customer needs CAT4, so any idea?

you must need IOT gateway? how about smart module?
any specific LTE band number you need?
Have you contacted the Sales team?

I am a distributor salesperson selling Sierra wireless products for 5 years.
They told us that we must use an external modem and the corresponding interface and OS.
Recently, latest catalog of Semtech’s IoT gateway product has not been delivered, so I am conducting sales activities by inquiring on my own via here and serching internet.