GL Series Availability?

I have been implementing GL series into our industrial device, to upgrade from existing 2G modem to 3G/4G.

GL series looked like a great choice with versions for North America (GL7500 Verizon), GL7600 (Europe 4G) and GL8200 (“global” 3G).

Now that I’m ready to deploy some field beta test units, I just discovered NONE AVAILABLE (GL7500) with deliveries from DIgiKey not expected until October, and even worse at Future.

What the heck? I thought these devices were supposed to be the cat’s meow new affordable IOT modems - now I’m extremely concerned I put all my eggs in the SierraWireless GL basket! Seems the company really screwed this one up and what does that hold for future availability?

Anyone out there with insight into this particular shortage and/or general experience with SW availability issues?


We build units to order only, if you have immediate supply requirements then you need to discuss it with one of our distributors (of which Digikey is one) and agree a supply/stocking arrangement with them.

If you are going to rely on distributors like Digikey just having stock available as and when you want it then you will probably face gaps in supply (as they will probably order another batch when they run out) with lead times from time to time.



Thanks Matt for better suggestion!