FX30 availability, support, roadmap

It appears the FX30 will satisfy requirements for several projects. However, it appears that FX30 may no longer be available. Distributors and Digikey indicate Unavailable. Contacting Sierra referred back to the distributor.

Can you share the current state of FX30 production and availability?
Can you provide information regarding the roadmap for FX30? It is aging and some assurances are needed regarding future availability and support. Also, can you share any plans for a successor product?

These details are essential determiners for selection of Sierra and Octave going forward.

Thank you.

Any input available from Sierra?

After a few months of supply constraints, and some additional multi-sourcing qualifications, FX30 deliveries started again at the end of May 2022, and will continue to grow in the next months. There is no plan to discontinue the product. Please ask our Distributors when they can supply: https://www.sierrawireless.com/octave/partnerships/