Octave long-term-support

We are looking are the Octave solution for a customer. They need their product to work for at least 5 years. Is there any information available about Octave’s end-of-life date or long-term availability?

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Hello Alexy,

I would not recommend Octave to your customer. Octave is being shut down March 31, 2025 with no plans of continued support. You are fortunate you have not started using Octave yet. We are still looking for a replacement solution.

Hello Wilson,

Thanks for your answer. Indeed it must not be easy to find a replacement.



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I don’t understand if Sierra Wireless will offer any kind of replacement for Octave?
I currently have two dozen FX30S gateways in operation and several dozen more are in the warehouse waiting to be installed. Will it be possible to continue using the FX30S gateways?
Can anyone suggest a way out of this situation?

My understanding is that there is a Sierra Wireless’ partner preparing a replacement for Octave (firmware with OTA upgrade and online service) but it is not ready yet. Maybe someone from Sierra Wireless could confirm ?