FX30S firmware 3.3 loses Octave connectivity after a while

I have a small fleet of Octave devices where I have updated a one of them to the latest firmware I have available, 3.3.0. It seems to have lost connectivity to Octave, which states that “last seen” is 7 days ago.

Are there known problems with firmware 3.3 leading to this and are there any means for getting a device to reconnect to octave if still has some connectivity? The device is in the other end of the country so debugging is complicated.

Can you share more info please ?
The idea is to know if the FOTA succeeded on devices and then connectivity was lost or if the connectivity was lost during the FOTA process.


Sure, the FOTA completed fine:

but then after Oct 20, 15:01, it stopped responding:

The device serial no. is the one ending in 0310 if you access my account (I assume you are with Sierra… perhaps you should make that information more obvious :slight_smile: ).

I was lucky enough that it happened to a device standing in the office. It seems that the device was in ULPM and it woke up when being power cycled. I wasn’t able to extract any information from it. I hope this change in firmware 3.3.0 make sure this situation is avoided in the future: “ULPM shutdown request is rejected if there is no valid configuration.”.