Octave Edge 3.0.2 | Patch Release for FX30


An issue has been observed on some FX30 Octave devices where the device is connected to the cellular network but cannot communicate with the Octave cloud. Octave Edge 3.0.2 has been released as a patch for this issue.

We strongly recommend that all FX30 devices be upgraded to 3.0.2 as a preventative measure to avoid this issue in the field.

Issue Symptoms

Communications between Octave Edge and Cloud are interrupted. No messages can be sent or received. This can occur regardless of the quality of the cellular link.

Affected Products

Octave FX30 and FX30S devices are affected. This includes the following part numbers:

  • FX30: 1104548, 1104665

  • FX30S: 1104549, 1104666

Corrective Action

Update your FX30 devices to Edge 3.0.2. This can be done:

  1. Over the Air using the Octave UI

  2. Locally with the binary firmware image

If you suspect a device in the field has been affected by this issue, please contact Sierra Wireless Support.