A command on Virtual Ressource doesn't modify the ressource

Firmware [3.0.0.rc2]
I sent an API to command stream to modify the virtual ressource.
The stream is received by the FX30 but the ressource value is not modified.

Command stream :
Capture d’écran 2020-07-23 à 22.36.54

Ressource :

Could you help me ?


the FX30 take account the command 2 hours after :

Sent on 23/07/20 @ 22:58
Value modify on 24/07/20 @ 00:54

What is the problem ?


I fixed the problem with the firmware receive on 07/07/20 (vs 20/07/20).
This 2 firmwares have the same nome on Octave UI (20/7).
Confirmed on 2 devices :

Hi Romuald,

If there is any delay in updating the resources, it should be the issue of data connection from edge to cloud.

From cloud, if you send a command, but it does not reach your device or your device does not update that value, this value will not update to resource, and the command is not completed.

In that case, please check the data connection from device.


The connection between FX30 and Cloud is OK.

I reproduce the problem with 2 different devices.

The problem follow the firmware each time.

What is the difference between the firmware sent on 7th of July and sent on 20th of July ?


Hi Romuald,
The official released firmware for FX30 is 3.0.0

You can download at https://docs.octave.dev/docs/install-the-latest-firmware-on-your-fx30fx30s#download-the-latest-octave-firmware
We can not share the issues of un-official release here. If you need more details, please contact your Distributor or “Contact Us” at sierrawireless.com


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