No Stream messages being sent in Octave

We use close to 30 FX30 and use edge actions to send JSON messages through the default Stream, but three hours ago, all of our FX30s stopped sending messages. They are all still connected to Octave, but no Stream messages are sent. Will this outage be fixed soon?

I have two PoC devices (one FX30) running and both are sending json using edge actions to device stream (from VR observation). And both appear healthy with no interruption. Data is making it to external cloud.

Thanks for the response. The data was apparently not lost, but it is not real time. Earlier today it was three hours behind, but now it is slowly catching up and is 15 minutes “away” from being real time again.

Interesting. One of mine reports only every 12 hours, but the other reports every 15 min. I haven’t dumped data but a quick look shows reporting real time with no issue I can see in the last several hours. I haven’t seen any issues on their reporting portals

It would be interesting to get an explanation.


I’ve asked the Octave back-end team and they can see an event storm for your company - 120K action hits in 6 hours - which is an unusual number for you. This peak is probably the cause of the delay.

Did you change your Device Blueprint at that moment, or Device configuration? Or, did the device get back connectivity after a long period without being connected to the Cloud?


Hello Nicolas,

Sorry for the delay in response, I have been traveling and forgot about this forum post. Yes this was the issue, a blueprint was applied prematurely to three FX30 with a bug and the edge logger enabled. The messages caught up, but another event happened today with the same problem. We don’t think any devices are still log enabled, but we are checking now. Are there any other reasons this could happen?

Wilson Teachey

There was an FX30 causing problems and sending messages every second. We still don’t know why it did this (its been running for months with no issues), but we unplugged the device and after this had no effect, we removed it from our Octave account and this fixed the issue instantly. Every device was sending messages again within 15 minutes.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help!