Stream stopped working on the FX30S

Hello to all!
I am working on FX30S device, updated to firmware 3.3.1 on January 11, 2022.
Until today, the device worked well, but today it stopped sending data to the cloud.
I have checked Edge Actions, they are working fine. I checked the virtual resource in which the data to be sent is located, it is constantly updated as it should.

But at the same time, the stream that is associated with it is not updated.

The first number of transmitted data is the timestamp. It shows that the virtual resource is being updated, but the stream is not.

Restarting the gateway does not help.

Resetting the blueprint helped (deleting all resources, edge actions, and so on) and reloading the same blueprint.

Hello Vitali,

From our network and Octave side, your configuration seems correct. We have a meeting with you scheduled for tomorrow to see what may be happening on the device.