Rebooting FX30 using Edge Actions

Hello all,

Can someone respond with some sample code of how to send an event to the command stream from an edge action or how to trigger a FX30 reboot from an edge action? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

I’m trying to reboot an FX30 using an edge action that will trigger if the signal to the FX30 is 0 for thirty minutes, and it is not reconnecting. We are having problems where FX30s could be offline for days when all it needs is a reboot. I tried writing “true” to the util/reboot/trigger , but I only succeeded in bricking the FX30, so don’t do that. RIP RTU 9. I know you can reboot the FX30 using an API to the command stream, but that doesn’t help if the device is offline.

Wilson Teachey