Edge Action not triggered after power cycle

I’m implementing tracking function with FX30. When FX30 lose power, sometimes the GPS stop triggering the Edge Action after power resume. From the location resource, the GNSS is up and running with the latest timestamp in /location/coordinates/value. But Edge Action never been executed after power resume. Is there anything I need to do to prevent this from happening when power is loss?


which firmware version is you FX30 running ?



The FW on FX30 is 3.0.2.


Hello James,

Have you checked the “Console” menu at the bottom of the Edge Action editor.
It will tell you if there are any execution or syntax errors that might happen and prevent the Edge Action from provifing a result even though it is being executed.

Note that if you SSH on the device, and type the “logread -f” command, you will see these logs in real time locally (this can be used to avoid reporting many logging messages over the cellular interface)


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When it happened, it showed ”Never Executed”


It happened again this morning. after power off overnight and power up this morning, the EA never got triggered by GPS. The GPS is fixed with the latest timestamp. But EA never been executed. FX30 is alive and report the last seen every minute. Is there anyway to check why EA never been executed? Before power off, the EA was running smoothly without any error.

Hello James,

Are you still having this issue?

In order to double check the triggering of an Edge action, you can look locally on the device as indicated above in this post.

Otherwise, a way to temporarily remote check is to create two observations on the same triggering Resource, one going to the EA, the other one reporting to the Cloud directly



I can confirm the problem as I have similar problems. My setup is like this: I have an observer on the counter that triggers an edge action that maintains a different counter (/virtual/SamplingCountdown). For this resource I have a different observation that triggers an edge action.

After reboots the edge action will not run, so I need to make a random change to make it run again. Sometimes it will stop, maybe due to another edge action failing in some way. It is a bit hard to find out what is going on but the behavior is definitely not the intended.
When using logread -f locally I can also see that the edge action is never executed. I am currently on firmware 3.1.0.pre22Sep20 that you sent me the other day but saw the same problems on 3.0.2 as well.


OK, my edge action had stopped running but this time a reboot made it run again. I don’t see a clear pattern.

I usually need to disable EA and enable it again to make it run.