FX30 RTC switching between UTC and EST (-05)

Hello all,

I’m using an Octave enabled FX30 and it has an edge action that resets a counter every day at midnight. Recently we noticed that the FX30 switched from EST to UTC. This would not be a huge issue, but it does not seem consistent. Below is a screenshot of a graphing software that shows the counter over time (the reset line is slanted because there was time between when the last update was received and the reset).

Here its easy to see that on Dec 17 it reset at midnight, but on Dec 18 it reset at 7pm EST. As far back as Dec 12, the FX30 also reset at 7pm, even though when we set it up a month ago it was reseting at midnight.

Here is a screenshot of how the edge action is set up.

I’m not sure what steps to take here since the RTC is automatically set by the FX30. Thanks to whoever is able to help!

Wilson Teachey

Hello William,

What geographical location is the device at when this happens?

As fyi, the internal watchdog resets on a timer. and is usually triggered by inability to get or retain a network connection.


How often does the edge action execute?

Hello David,

The FX30 is in Nashville, GA, and the edge action uses an observation on the time resource. I assume this means it runs every second since the time value is updated every second. It reads the second, minute, and hour values from the array and sees if it is 23:59:59. If it is it resets a couple of variables to zero.

Wilson Teachey