Date&Time was reseted


I wrote an application where FS receive date and time from the tcp-server and set it. But I see that sometimes date and time in FS is reseted to 1/1/2000 00:00:00.
Why does it happen?

You need to be a bit more precise than, “sometimes”

I don’t know when it exactly happens. Maybe it happens after reboot due to some exception, maybe after some other reason. But even if it rebooted, how does it affect to system clock?

PS. FS is placed on the train and transmit data from the local CAN bus to the remote tcp server and vice versa.

You need to build some diagnostics into your application to determine when it’s happening!

What train?

Maybe you have some power supply glitch - or other noise - that “upsets” the fastrack…?

It is on the locomotive.

Maybe. I don’t know it. But if that, why it upsets?

If so, may it affect to the data that stored in the embedded flash too?