Strange behavior on FXT009



I have a device with a strange behavior (Fastrack Xtend FXT009).
The embedded software performs tracking, GPS positions are sent to a server via GPRS / TCP connection.
The exact configuration is:

  • Developer Studio 2.1.0
  • Firmware R7.44.0.201008311212
  • Embedded Open AT Software Suite package
  • Open AT OS Package
  • WIP Plug-in Package
  • C-OPUS-I-GPS Open AT Plug-in Package

The fastrack is powered on a 12V battery. I did the test with several cables for power and the problem appears in all cases.
At first, everything is OK for some minutes. Then there are many reboots during some minutes. Then, everything is OK, then reboots…
I log the parameter adl_InitType_e from the function adl_main and its value is always 0 (ADL_INIT_POWER_ON from the documentation/header).
I have no exception, no backtraces.

With another fastrack FXT009 (same configuration as above) and the same embedded software, I do not have these reboots.

I would like to know what can cause a reboot of the fastrack with a parameter ADL_INIT_POWER_ON ?
I guess the command “AT+CFUN=1” do it, but this command is not called by my embedded software.
Is that the problem could come from the plugins (WIP or C-OPUS) ?
Any idea ?



hmm, if you aren´t having that difficulty on another as like as module… have you tried to restore default configurations on the “broken” module?


When I noticed these problems, I performed the following actions:
Then I installed the OS again and next my embedded software.
But despite this procedure, the problems were still present.



you can have a look at heavy functions like performing encryption. These functions may cause watchdog reset on your modem. If you have those kinds of functions which do alot of work, i think you can comment in those functions and try to produce same behaviour again.
An other thing is about customstacksize parameter. you can increase that parameter and see what is going on. i dont know much about this parameter because it is not on any documantation but i guess this can cause your problem.
And, you may be having some flash problems. My extend modems which have flash problems, were rebooting itself in a loop. i think you can not prevent this error if it is causing by flash.
By the way i faced the similar problem on Xtends before. My problem was took place when i try to establish a gprs connection by wip library. Just after starting wip bearer for gprs, my modems were rebooting itself in random times. Because it does not happen all the time, we could not work much over that problem.
I dont know more details about what i write but you can have a look.



I suppose when you get a stack over flow, you should have an exception and in this case, when the fastrack reboots, the parameter from adl_main should be 1 (ADL_INIT_REBOOT_FROM_EXCEPTION) and not 0 (ADL_INIT_POWER_ON).

OK, why not, but in that case, what will be the parameter value from adl_main ? 0 for POWER_ON or 1 for EXCEPTION ?

Same reflexion about the value of adl_main in this case ? I expect to have the adl_main parameter equals to 1 because this is an exception.

Thank you for your comment.


My problem seems to be very similar to this topic: [url]]