Debugging an Edge Action

Hello all,

I know this topic has already been covered in a couple of posts, but I wanted to ask some follow up questions.

In this post (Debugging edge actions, console.log rarely works - #2 by jerdung) jerdung suggests changing the logread to “logread level debug”. This worked but now I’m not sure how to change it back to the original setting.

Currently I have a large edge action that is proving a pain to debug. Something is causing it to fail before the return statements I have so I’m not sure how to debug it. The best way I’ve figured to debug it is copy it section by section into a new edge action and waiting to see what breaks it. I understand why it is not possible to step through programs on the FX30, but it would be a helpful feature.

If anyone has any tips or tricks in addition to changing the logread back to the default settings and could let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

Wilson Teachey

Hello Wilson,

log level Info should get you back to normal logging

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