Debugging edge actions, console.log rarely works

I have developed a fairly complex set of edge actions but debugging is a nightmare. I rely heavily on console.log combined with logread -F over ssh but for some reason I only rarely see my log messages in the output. Also my Edge actions does not always get started and this is especially hard to track when I don’t get the console output even if it is running. The poor debugging facilities are burning my time and if it was not for all the effort invested in this solution I really should have gone with a non-Octave design (unless everything suddenly starts working).

Are there any known bugs in firmware 3.1.0 (FX30s) regarding console.log and regarding the failure to execute edge actions?

Does Sierra Wireless have any plans for implementing a proper debugger for Edge actions?

Hi jj1,

Here are configurations that may help you :

  • On Octave cloud, make sure Developer Mode is enabled as the picture below:

  • On ssh session, try to set log level by command “log level debug”

Please note that your Edge action is started when your linked observation knows there is a change from a resource.


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Hi Jes,

Please see the attached. This may help you.Cloud side edge action troubleshooting.pdf (909.8 KB)

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