FX30 sending three messages instead of one intermittently

Hello all,

I’ve recently encountered a glitch where my FX30 is sending three messages instead of one in the stream. It is not linked to one edge action that I can tell and happens for multiple variables, not just one. In these three messages, the first two messages will have the previous value of a variable, and the last variable contains the correct value. This is causing problems with our program, and we need to fix it.

Is there anything built into the FX30 that would send multiple messages if there was another problem such as bad connection? Or has anyone ever experienced this problem before?

Will Teachey

Hello Wilson,

Could you send me a link to the device? Are you using Store and forward? Heartbeat?

I can check your communication parameters. Most likely that is the root cause of multiple messages.

Hello David,

I don’t think we are using any of these features, but I’ve sent you an email with a link to the device. One thing I’ve noticed with the duplicate messages is the delta shown in the stream is higher than our other devices.

Wilson Teachey

Hi all!

I also have this problem on my FX30S devices. But this forwarding of three messages occurs only at the time of device reboot. Just like you described, the first two messages have the previous value and only the third is sent with the current value. It also bothers me a lot, since the gateways sometimes reboot and at that moment they send such spam.

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Hello Wilson and Vitali,
Are the related repeated values linked to virtual ressources ?
Moreover, Is the tested Octave FW version prior to 3.2.0 ?

Thanks for sharing and contributing! I do not think that our device is rebooting, but I can look into it. I think we get ~140 instances of these duplicate messages a day, so that would be a lot of reboots. However, it would explain some of the erratic behavior associated with it and why it does not follow any pattern I can see.

Hello Frederic,
Yes the message that is sent contains around 20 variables where some are virtual resources, some are the values of some Energiya inputs (we are using the Universal Converter + and the addON 8i), and some are the FX30 inputs.
And yes, the FX30 is on 3.5.2.

Most likely you know about this, but still I will say: if the cellular network coverage is poor and the cellular network signal disappears, then the watchdog timer built into the FX30S gateway can reboot your gateway. And by default, the value of the watchdog timer is 15 minutes.

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Yes, these repeated messages come from virtual resources that, when their value is updated, send it to the stream. So it turns out, in my case, that during a reboot, apparently the virtual resource is updated several times with the previous value written to it, as a result of which these values enter the stream.
I observe this problem throughout all the firmware that I had to test. Probably since version 2.1.4.

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Confirmation that the problem is old is here on the forum:

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Hello Vitali,

Thanks for this info, hopefully this will help @djudkins with his search. I can’t follow much in this other forum post, but I will try to read up on the relevant documentation. If this issue is three years old, I hope it can get resolved.

Wilson Teachey