Octave delays messages

Hi all.

A few days ago, I discovered that messages from Octave to my cloud service began to arrive with a long delay from 30 minutes to two hours. From the FX30S gateway to Octave the message arrives without delay, but from Octave to my cloud there is a delay. From Octave I tried sending messages to three different cloud services and all three messages arrived with a delay.
But I have 2 companies registered in Octave. One company for servicing installed sensors, and the other for testing. The second company has no problems with delays.

Hi @v.babich,

This issue could arise from either the network or the Octave server. Before we narrow it down further, could you please let me know if this issue is still occurring?


Hello jerdung!

At the moment there is no problem, messages arrive without delay.
Thank you!

Hello @v.babich ,

We also had this problem on and off for several months. And fyi for our system we use cloud connectors that go to an endpoint.

We eventually fixed the problem by lowering the response time of our endpoint. If our endpoint took longer than a couple of seconds to receive data then a delay would happen and it was hard to get the system to catch up. The delays seemed random at first, but got worse as we onboarded more FX30s.

Hope this helps,
Wilson Teachey

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