GL series in Australia and New Zealand

I was very excited about the GL series but my local rep told me there are no plans to launch it in Australia and New Zealand as well. Do anybody know if this is really tru. It would be sad because it looks like a really nice liitle modem that can easily be installed in vehicles as well.

I am from Sierra Wireless and responsible for Airprime business in NZ.
We haven’t introduced GL series in New Zealand primarily because the Fastrack adequately served most needs and the market in ANZ is tending towards 3G with Telecom NZ recently announcing the switch off of CDMA and Telstra refusing to test any 2G devices. As a result we have not A-ticked the GL series however this stance could be changed. Please contact me at with your phone number so we can discuss your needs.

It’s good to see someone from Sierra Wireless participating in the forum! :slight_smile:

Can we look forward to further engagement…?