GX400 on a 4G Network

Hello everyone - this is my first post here, a sunny warm hello from Perth Australia.

We are using the GX400 on a 3G Network provided by Australian company Telstra. When we remove the SimCard from the GX400 and put it into a 4G-enabled phone, we get 4G service and higher data rates. However, the GX400 appears limited to 3G.

I’m wondering if:
(a) we can get the GX400 working on 4G, or
(b) we can buy a new version on the GX400 (or Sierra equivilant) that can do 4G

Many thanks to everyone in advance for their feedback.


Hi Stube,

GX400 is 3G only. GX440 is 4G. Please check out sierrawireless.com/productsa … eries.aspx


Thanks for the super quick response!

Unfortunately, my local distribute claims that the GX440 will not be sold in Australia until late 2014. It is already for sale in the US. I assume that this is because it has to go through various certification tests specific to Australia.

Damn - I was really hoping to get something up and running ASAP and the GX440 was perfect since I’m already familiar with the GX400.

At the moment there are no GX440 that works on the LTE bands used Australia and Europe. At least I think that Europe and Australia use more or less the same frequency bands. All version of GX440 work on US bands only.

You’re well informed krima919 :slight_smile:

Stube, both krima919 and your own distributor are right. I’ve checked that there’s no 4G AirLink box reference certified in Australia for now – even the ES440 which covers EU 4G bands, does not have any Australian reference yet. Both GX & ES series should get Australian references during H2 2014 as far as I know.


Thanks for the informative replies. I don’t understand what you mean by “H2 2014” - is that another way of saying the 2nd half of 2014? Or was it a typo for Q2 2014 (2nd quater)??

Sorry, H2 2014 = 2nd half of 2014, indeed. As your distributor said: late 2014.

Great. Thanks for clearing that up. Now I just have to incorporate some artificial delays in my project and it will suddenly line up nicely with the availability of the GX440 :smiley:

Or alternatively, just do a really crap job of project managing it :laughing: