Airprime SL---- 4G Version


We currently are running 9x Seapraha Alarm Units with a AirPrime SL6087 module.

The 2G network in New Zealand is soon to shutdown and I am looking for a 4G/5G equivalent of this model?

Any recommendations or help will be much appreciated.


there is no more SL series for 4G/5G…
you can see other modules here:


So just to elaborate a little more. The SL form factor was retired a long time ago, it was replaced with our CF3 philosophy where all units have a 15 x 18 PCB footprint with a slightly different outline depending on what we can fit in, all of the cat1 + solder down modules are 22 x 23 and the LPWA (2G/M1/NB1) modules are 15 x 18.

For NZ, you are going to be looking for the RC7620, that supports 2G, 3G, LTE for the bands you require.