New Q series modules - update required

Dear All,
We are looking for new AirPrime embedded modules(Q series) with OpenAT , which can be used for 4G network(with 2G/3G fall back option). Kindly suggest the suitable module also updated on future modules development under from sierrawireless.


I don’t think there is a roadmap for 4G on the Q series formfactor.

If you must have 4G(with fallback) you have a few options.

  1. MC73xx, 4G essential module without OS. Mini PCi Express connector
  2. HL series, available in 2G to 4G. Essential module without OS. Surface mounted module(LGA)
  3. WPxxxx, new series 3G to 4G. Smart module that include a dedicated Arm core that runs Legato(Linux). Legato and OpenAT are similar in terms of that they are both event driven systems. Surface mounted module (LGA)

If you must have Open AT then your only option are 2G and 3G.

  1. Q2698 pentaband 3G with fallback to 2G, Smart module with OpenAT. Connector
  2. SL808xT dualband 3G with fallback to 2G. Smart module with Open AT. Surface mount (LGA)

Thank for below details…