Upgrade / switch to 3G mode?

we have a SIM card which is 3G only. Card is not working in Dev board, since it is accepting class 0 APDUs only. According to datasheet Q2687 it shall be easily upgradeable to 3G. Who knows how to do this? Who can help?

thanks in advance

Switch to a Q2698 module which has 3G. The Q2687 is a 2G /Edge only module.


Hi tomridl and ktrott

I saw in the web page of Sierra Wireless the same information about the Q2687.

Before the change of the web page of Sierra Wireless, showed that it was possible to upgrade the Q2687 to 3G.

I hope can you help me

Thanks in advance

No, you can upgrade your design to 3G by replacing the Q2687 with a Q2698, which should be a dropin replacement. The Q2687 doesn’t contain a 3G chipset, so there is no way to make a Q2687 into a 3G module

Not sure I would call the 2698 a complete drop in replacement.
While it may be pin-compatible, it is much thicker than the older module, which can cause problems depending on your design.

True. You will also have to pay attention to other factors including different power supply requirements for the 3G module (higher current requirement for the 3G module), and different antenna bands (pentaband as opposed to quad band for the 2G module). The 3G version has the Qualcom chipset with OpenAT running on top, so there are other differences too (500MIPS as opposed to 87MIPS, 480Mbps USB vs 12Mbps USB etc) but you shouldn’t have to change your OpenAT application.