GL6110 for WinCE 6.0 (RSC-W910)

Hi All,

new to this forum and new to the GL6110 product.
I need to develop an application in C# that will use the GL6110 to connect to the network (SIM card) and use a WebRequest every so often to retrieve the data.

The platform that it will connect to is the RSC-W910 board with Windows CE 6.0 installed.
I’am looking for the best way to use the GL6110 on that platform. Are there any drivers that come with the device?
There is a file on the Sierra Wireless site for Windows CE 6.0 ARM920, but no info on how to use the driver.
Is there a package or driver (Catalog item) that is designed for the OS build? I can modify the OS image using the Platform Builder (VS2005) and add the GL6110.

Is there another way of using the GL6110 for my purpose and any information of how to do so?



As far as Win CE is concerned, you might as well just treat it as a dumb modem…

Apologies for the late reply,

thank you awneil for your reply. In order to use the GL6110 as a ‘dumb’ modem what do I need to include with the Win CE 6.0? Is there a driver that is required?

I was told by the retailer that we bought the device, that there is a driver available for the Win CE and ARM 920. The driver, as I was told, implements 2 virtual COM ports which means that I need to implement the code to use AT commands with the GL6110.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any information on the driver and how to include it to the platform.
Does anyone know if that is possible and any info on how to do it will be very much appreciated.